Friday, June 18, 2010

Second Coming...Again.

So I think there are only three more parts to the Second Coming crossover and there have been some interesting events. Legion is one of my favourite parts so far but more on him later. Lets look at some of the casualties so far.                                                  

Hellion lost his arms which was kind of unexpected. As was Karma losing a leg at the spikes of Cameron Hodge. I was equally disturbed at his transformation from human being to robotic nightmare freak. 

Colossuss got overpowered by five or so Nimrod sentinels and i'm now really intrigued as to how this kind of injury, in armoured form, heals. Anyone care to give me an explanation or guess, feel free.

Now the scene where Ariel, Wolverine and X-23 were blown up by a fighter jet was pretty cool. i think it was a narrow miss for Psylocke, Colossuss and Rogue because I'm not sure they would have survived.

There were some great scenes in the current chapter. I loved Cyphers chat with the Exo-suit and Legions battle with the sentinels was just awesome. I know we only got to see two of his personalities but I was itching for more. I just hope they don't neutralize him too soon. he's got over a hundred more personalities.
Now the big surprise was Nightcrawlers death. I knew it was coming. It was either him or Rogue and from previews for July comics I saw Rogue in the arms of Magneto so that kind of took away the mystery but this was one of the most tragic, heart wrenching moments. 

Yes, I said heart wrenching. this was a sad moment for me and it fit Nightcrawlers gallantry and religous belief to a Tee.  The way he asked for God to strengthen him for one last teleport and against all odds, he manages it. This scene, while hard as a Nightcrawler fan, is why I love comics.  Second coming has taken me on this whirlwind ride and I can't wait for next weeks installment.

If you are a fan of the X-Men and great story telling, you need to be reading this. 


maxime said...

thanks a lot for your comment on my website
i would really like to know how you find it by the way because i don't advertise it very much, and i'm always excited when people abroad (i live in france) see the blog and share a comment
anyway i see we share a similar interest in comics, and especially in mutants, i totally agree with you on second coming, lots of good things happening, i hope the pace keeps on getting faster like that event after the crossover ends, cause i really like this kind of adventure
as to what i am going to publish through my label Close Call Comics : it would be my own creator-owned project, it will deal with people with superpowers, a century-spanned saga, told in realy short stories of 1 page each. some more info very soon as i'm working on the first 7 pages
thanks again for your comment and your interest


Loz said...

The project sounds great. I look forward to seeing more.