Wednesday, July 7, 2010

X-Men Day

So it's X-Men day tomorrow and I have concerns for this new book. I ordered it just out of curiosity. I do not have the money to add another X-book to my pull list, especially when Legacy is running in a totally agreeable direction for me and the pure excitement of "what next?" for Uncanny will keep me going indefinitely.

So far, apart from this great image at the side:--------------------->

the previews for X-Men 1 have not really done it for me.

Some thoughts:
1) Second Coming is not even over yet. With most of the characters I care about on the front cover of X-Men 1, it kind of takes away any fear and mystery and sense of danger that the last couple of parts to Second Coming  could have possibly had. This annoys me to no end. While I do not know the end, I do know that Bastions threat has been severely negated and his coming demise or dismissal is definately on the cards.
Okay, I know the villains will, more often than not, be defeated but there has to be that element that makes me question the X-Men's failiure for at least a moment. Bastion defeated Rogue and Killed Nightcrawler in the same few pages with ease. Can the rest of the X-Men fare any better?

2)The Death of Dracula.
I loved this one shot. It renewed my faith in the vampires in the Marvel Universe. I mean Dracula was defeated by the X-Men the last time they tangled, but this threat seems to be an even bigger threat. This isn't just one lone lord, it's most of the tribes of vampires. I think Janus is a strong enough character to have his own book. Maybe I don't have enough money to buy it monthly but he deserves a shot.
Now, what does Janus' little adventure and betrayal have to do with the oncoming Mutant/vampire species war arriving in stores tomorrow?

3) Paco Medina's art. While it looks good I'm concerned with the boobs.  For instance, Pixie.
Arr look at her. 13 year-old, cutesy little Welsh girl. She's never been my favourite character and she only piqued my interest when Magic ripped out a piece of her soul. but how does this little girl become the womanly boobalicious monstrocity below?

Paco cannot be totally blamed, he wasn't the one who changed this image. I think we have Greg Land to blame for that but still I want some kind of aknowledgement that there are many teen body types and don't all have to be the wonder woman body type. She's about 13 years old!!! Honestly.
And don't even get me started on the Milo Manara.... I know this artist in the past has served a totally different audience, I'll leave you to guess what kind.

I can't properly judge this book until I've read it but, I digress, I'm interested in Curse of the mutants but I want the end of Second Coming first. 


maxime said...

totally agree on the whole "cover spoils the end of crossover" thing
and i too miss the old times when the x-girls and women would have different body types (storm was supposed to be tall and curvacious, kitty smaller with smaller breasts, etc)
how i too miss the good old skottie young days, at least he aknowledged the real age of the different characters and he was not afraid to give them unusual styles

Loz said...

I loved Skottie Young's New X-Men. He was great. I loved the whole magic/limbo saga.