Friday, December 3, 2010

Clashing Souls Project

Here's another teaser. This is a different project to The LDS  Horror series which I will post on at another time. But, for the sake of posting I am putting these images up. Just some beginning sketches of the main characters and a few others that will show up later.
 This project was originally a fan fiction that I was very excited about but then a couple of different friends advised that I should not waste my time with fan-fiction and concentrate on my own characters. I took the advice and re-imagined the fan fiction with my own characters that I had forgotten about fifteen years ago. Well This group of characters were named the Clashing Souls and I could never figure out what to do with them ...until now. My imagination has sky-rocketed with these guys and so here they are.


Meredith is my main character who will go through a hell of a lot to retrieve missing parts of her mind before temporal insanity sets in. These parts of her mind have been embedded in the essences of several individuals throughout a futuristic England. She's a sorceress, a conjuror even, and is trying to figure out who she is and why she woke up without her mind in a crater in the middle of a ravaged, magic diseased Cambridge.


The first individual Meredith meets is Rado (Pronounced Rah-Doe). He is an oddball teen who has trouble staying solid. He is a holographic entity and can make others transform into holograms which can be extremely painful. He saves Meredith from being mugged and then sticks by her out of a sense of duty to her protection.


Perce and his girlfriend are being blackmailed by a nasty individual. Perce hires Rado to do some research on the individual and to save his girlfriend and he.  Perce has telepathic powers that can change other peoples perception of reality.

In reality Perce, Rado and Pulse are environmental terrorists and freelance spies.


Tarni is Perce's European Girlfriend who has the power of short range teleportation.

She doesn't speak English..or any other known language but can communicate with the telepathic Perce. Not much is known about her.


Solly is the fourth hero to join the team. She was a Star Parah's School of Protection and has the ability to Solidify Air and water in to any shape or function she desires. She is younger than the others and wants to be a bodyguard when she is older. She soon finds herself running with the team after her school is destroyed.


Will show up in the 2nd arc titled Brokers. Grennian is an amnesiac demon hybrid with a chaos field that makes things happen for no apparent reason. Of course there is no control of this ability. He is searching for someone or something. He thinks he's lost his sister and girl friend.

Efi is one of the targets of quantum assassins. He is a genius teenager who can learn...and has learned everything he thinks he needs to know in life. To aid in the gathering of knowledge  he sees portions of the immediate and far future to prepare his mind and body in the learning of new knowledge. He is arrogant and infuriating and will remove himself from any harm he predicts in his visions.

Levi is a private investigator with the ability to change her own field of gravity enabling her to float, and fly at varying speeds. She joins the team in the 3rd arc titled Ripper.

Vesper is Grennian's missing Girlfriend who wields the elemental force of wind. However, she is also amnesiac and must have travelled through time with Grennian. She is a birdlike humanoid who's blond hair grows amongst bright colourful feathers from her scalp and forehead. Despite everything that will happen in that arc she will not be as amnesiac as everyone thinks and has a lot to hide.

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