Thursday, January 6, 2011

Enamored with EAT, Pray Love:Part 1

While looking on my sister-in-Law's bookshelf recently, I found Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat, Pray, Love. It was in pristine condition. Normally I would take this as a sign that no one had read it, but this was my wife's family we are talking about and to blemish a book with signs of having been read is a big NO-NO. In my own family books are weathered with white bended spines and littered with folded-down corners. You know they have been read.

I took the book down from the shelf and it appeared to be new. I asked Jill if it was good. I had seen the trailer for the film with Julia Roberts and had a vague interest in the book not really knowing what it was about. Jill told me she had not been able to get into it. She had borrowed it from my mother-in-law who hadn't been able to get through it either. I borrowed it and I am glad I did.

So let's start with Eat... and I'll post later on Pray and Love sequentially.

Why did I love this section? I'll tell you exactly why.

I love to eat. This is very likely one of the reasons I like this book, so far. I fell in love with her pursuit of pleasure through culture and food.
 I ate up this first section quick-smart with the desire to live what she describes as "the pleasure of doing nothing." Am I a lazy person? I can be. Do I desire a simpler life with the least amount of hassles as possible? I do. Would I like to spend several months in a foreign country eating up the culture? You betcha I would. Gilbert showed me this was possible, not that I will (or can) follow in her footsteps but I'd love to.

I loved several parts of the Italy section. I loved Thanksgiving, Pizza in Naples, visits to Venice (which gave me a very fresh view of the place that is supposed to be one of the most romantic places on earth), and Gilbert's simple, egg/asparagus lunch. All these moments made me wish I was right there experiencing what she was writing about in person.

This brought out the desire to write about food and enjoying food. The only drawback is that I am one of the fussiest eaters on earth. When I was young there was a point where the only food I would eat was potato, Yorkshire pudding and Sweeties. Mmmmmm, Sweeties.

Anyway, I now eat a whole lot more and would like to experience a fuller palate and be healthier at the same time. I've even been mulling over a vegetarian period, inspired by several friends. My Brother-in-Law recently became somewhat of a vegan, it's slightly modified as he is so active and has been losing more weight than his wife is comfortable with but am I inspired. You bet I am.

The Vegan Cooking Adventures of Meggie and Ben. Check out this blog. Meggie writes everything as it was only second nature for vegan food to be the lushest food you will ever put in your mouth. This is counter to how I have seen vegan food in the past. I am really contemplating having a no meat spell and seeing how it works. This will take a lot of preparation I feel.

One of my capstone advisor's Erin just started a personal health blog and I am totally inspired. I'm not sure to what yet, but I desire a life change. Friends of ours the Smileys brought us dinner last night as my wife Amy gave birth to a beautiful girl, Tessa last week. The meal was, as far as I could tell vegetarian. There was cheese ravioli with small cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and red onions on top of a tomato and herb sauce. There were small herbed rolls and a Caesar salad. This was topped off with donuts which we all gobbled up gratefully and Riley had been given some strawberry powder to add to his milk. This meal was wonderful and while I don't know how healthy it was, apart from the donuts, felt really healthy. Again, another nudge to this healthier lifestyle.

All this instigated by reading the first section of Eat, Pray, Love.
And while we are on the subject of good food, here's a pic I found of one of my favorite meals.
Hoo Mah Moos? "Eat..." You are.


Jill said...

Loran, I am so glad you loved the book! And you should definitely try the no meat thing, you will feel so good. I enjoyed this post, thanks for sharing:)

dmcquay said...

You've already been a vegetarian before, remember? (potato, Yorkshire pudding and Sweeties...) So it should be easy to do again. :) Just kidding. Thanks for a very interesting post and good luck!

Loz said...

Thank you both. Funny thing was, with all this talk of having a vegetarian spell, Amy really craved beef last night and we ended up going to in-and-out burger. Good eh. At least I haven't started yet.