Friday, January 21, 2011

No Ordinary Fan

Heroes. I loved that first episode. It was so exciting to see the different characters discover their fantastic abilities and then interact with each other. Season 2 started and then so did the writer's strike. This is the point where, in the eyes of many, Heroes started going downhill. However, I stand by my conviction that Heroes had not gone downhill, just in another direction. I loved season 1. I loved season 2 and as more of the characters began converging on each others storylines and interacting, the more rapt I became.
Season 3 came and I began to bore of the same characters but despite those characters I enjoyed the show.
I felt that many characters storylines had run their course. NBC believed otherwise.
Q: How could you possibly have a show without Hiro, Claire, Suresh and Tracy (or whatever incarnation)?
A: How do you know if you don't try?

Oh well too late for that now.
This was about the time when all that praise for the show turned into something almost opposite. It became popular to not like Heroes. The web was full of naysayers and anti-Heroes bandwagoners wanting to make their voices heard against my heroes (and it really was MY Heroes, the one show written and produced specifially with me in mind).
All that said, Heroes continued to be that show I loved despite certain characters refusing to die. "Yeah I'm looking at you, Claire, Sylar, Noah and Suresh." By the time the last season aired, the damage had been done, which is a shame as Heroes got considerably better in this season. Heroes was cancelled and I wondered what would take its place.
Enter, No Ordinary Family. Oh, No Ordinary Family, you came at just the right time. Now this show wasn't given the same media fanfare, and still hasn't, but it should be. While the first episode wasn't great, it did give us an origin story that introduced us to all the main characters however slightly forced. But, I was willing to accept them, thanks to Vic Mackey and the beloved Darla who have great chemistry despite what others might say.
As for the other characters I immediately fell in love with Katie and George provided a fun sidekick. Now at first I was concerned about the kids. Both of them came off as slightly annoying but I am glad I stuck with them.
An Aside
I read a review of the show that said both kids were "unbelievably obnoxious and precocious teens most concerned with cracking wise and using unbelievable dialogue." While this dialogue is present, I don't find it that noticeable or annoying. Not as noticeable as Lorelei Gillmore's usual dialogue
(which I quite admire and wish I could emulate at the drop of a hat. Oh how I'd love to spew dialogue in real life as though I had scripted it myself for any and every possible occasion and occurence).
Anyway, I am glad I stuck with the show. Both our resident Genius and Telepath have really grown on me. Both super kids have made a lasting impression on me, especially Daphne (who's powers I want) who's tense/exciting showdown with the show's main supervillain was superb.
I find this show exciting, funny, tense and action packed with enough mystery, romance and drama to be my number 1 new show this year. Of course it had to be on at the same time as Glee but thanks to ABC free streaming episodes the lonely hole left behind by Heroes  is now filled by something much better.
Hoo Mah Moos? No Ordinary Family, you are.

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