Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Capstone Plans

Alterran Tales

This, hopefully will be my capstone project come Fall Semester. It will be a five story illustrated anthology graphic novel. Each story will have a different writing style, art style and feeling associated with it. The point of the anthology will be to use English creative writing to communicate different forms of the campfire ghost stories we all used to tell when young. As of right now I have four different artists providing a different style to each of my stories. This may change.

The basic premise for the Anthology is a small family living in Dallow County, Alterra. Alterra is a world of creatures monsters and nasties I created for my book Becoming Rictus. The family in question is the Diener Family. They are Grenns, a lower sub species of demons with a secret. The father of the family is human, which is a huge no-no in Alterra. The Dieners are proud parents to children Loretta and Luke. It is the day after Halloween where the whole of Alterra relaxes and rests after the previous days activities and celebrations. They do this by sleeping, meeting in clans, tribes and families and they tell stories to each other.

This year Luke has invited a friend over for the annual story telling. That evening each member of the family and Matty, Lukes friend, take turns telling a horror story. There is always competition to see who's story is the best. The anthology starts with this premise that links each of the story and will be illustrated by me.

1. Darcy and Glass The mother, Gosha, tells this story of wayward children who misbehave and what becomes of them. This is the only story that is semi-finished and is made up of some really cool print work.

2. That boyish Smile Matty tells this mystery "is it a vampire story or isn't it" style tale. This Story was accepted into the Spring09 Touchstones at UVU. It's one of my favourites and is in first-person prose style.

3. Victuals This is Lukes tale of cub scouts who turn out to be were-dinosaurs. It's a throwback to some of the old english stories I used to read in childrens book style.

4. What'll I do This is Loretta's story and is supposed to be relayed directly into the other characters minds telepathically. This is going to be one of the more avant guard style stories that runs through some music lyrics and black and white photographic images that will be doctored and graffittied.

The last story is 5. Puppies This is Roys Dieners story in picture book style. This may very well change according to the artists style but is about a lost little girl who might not be as lost as she seems and the morrally questionable stranger that asks if she needs help.

More infor to come later.

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