Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I Rant on 5 things

1. “Biology.” Damnit, Biology is driving me crazy. I’m not a genius, but then I’m not stupid either and the hours spent studying and amount of stuff I think I understand, don’t correlate to my grades so far on the exams. What is going on? I go in with all the confidence in the world and then search that bloody score board only to find, 74% and 70% respectively. With three weeks left on this course and 3 tests left. I am going into stress mode. Can you believe this is the only class I’m taking this summer and it has been THE BANE.

2. “Self–caused responsibility-drains on my time.” Yeah I should fulfill these, but there are so many other things that drag on my time needs that it really is hard to get everything in. There really is no rest for the wicked. As much as I hate this cliché, it seems to be proving true on both counts.

3. “Drivers here.” I know, I know it seems to be a popular complaint, but I’m going to get really specific. It’s those stupid numptys driving along with one hand and phone attached to the side of their heads. These inconsiderate spastics have no manners and are going to cause accidents, if they haven’t already. Three of my work colleagues (there’s four of us in the office), within three months all wrote off their cars because of inconsiderate spastics on their phones. This week I’m on University parkway and some idiot pulls out in front of me causing me to break hard. I swerved a bit just missing him and he’s on the phone. This is not the first time this has happened and won’t be the last, but I would appreciate not arriving at work fuming with bad language in my head. It really puts a dampener on my morning and has done on a couple of different mornings in the last week. Hence Rant.

4. Actually as an aside to the phone thing, that following afternoon on the way home, some idiot in a white car pulls out without looking and I really slam on the horn being sick of these types of people. It’s then I notice the sign on the side of his door pointing out he is a sheriff. He slows right down to about 20 mph and I think he is going to stop for me and give me a talking to, but instead the twat continues at 20 for the rest of 1200 west. I hate when people go BELOW the speed limit.

5. Sad I Know, but Chloe and Cal became victims to Wakefield in Harpers Island. I was really hoping they would survive. but alas it was not to be. It was a very emotional, powerful scene which made me excuse the horror stupidity that plagued the characters up until that point in the episode. I’m so obsessed with this show, I even bought the music to Cal and Chloe’s demise. It’s by Civil Twilight and it’s called Letters from the sky. I love it.

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