Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bio Gone and Done It.

Done what? you may Ask. There has been a couple of time in the past where I got really angry over some things. People, friends, school, Work, 5am shoppers at sainsburies, Bikes(don't ask) and other random things. To help me vent in a non confrontational way and thereby biting the heads of the people I love and like I had "The anger mix." This mix was until just this last week forgotten about. I guess I just haven't been mind bracingly angry in a long time....UNTIL NOW.

Biology 1010 done it. Up to this point I have taken three exams, that I studied hard for and thought I understood everything well enough to pass said exams. Well I have been increasingly proved wrong. Exam 1: 74%. Exam 2: 70%. Exam 3: 64%.

WHAT THE HELL? This has brought on bouts of depression and severe anger that I haven't felt in a while. Two things have made me feel better.
1) The Phonogram comic series. Grief, this is just musically, artistically and literary genius. You should check it out, Seth Bingo and Silent Girl are genius. JUST GENIUS.
2) I remembered the anger mix, I tweaked it and reformed it on my iTunes and here is the playlist I played for several hours yesterday.

1. Resident Evil Main Title Theme: Marilyn Manson
2. Playing Your Song: Hole
3. Hit The Floor: Linkin Park
4. Operation Blade [7' Radio Edit]: Public Domain
5. Anything But This: Static-X
6. Going Under: Evanescence
7. Chop Suey!: System Of A Down
8. Don't Stay: Linkin Park
9. Call Me When You're Sober: Evanescence
10. Session: Linkin Park
11. Breed:Snake River Conspiracy
12. The view from the Afternoon: Arctic Monkeys
13. Real A Lie: Auf Der Maur
14. Whisper: Evanescence
15. Violet: Hole
16. It's Not Over Yet: The Klaxons

Some of it's pure rage in a song, some of it weird some of it just bitter enough to let me vent, some of it just what I needed to hear, but all of it feeling right at home (if that doesn't sound too weird) in my head. Anger Mix, oh how I missed you. There, I feel better now.


AmShaZam said...

I'm so sorry to hear about biology. But I guess the good news is this: it's over!!

Loz said...

yup, and even with a predicted C grade, I'm still happy.