Sunday, September 6, 2009

The cult of Colt not working as a comedy?

So severeal things have been on my mind recently.
1. The Cult of Lydia Colt was not working as a comedy. I've tried to rework it as a black comedy and this seems to be faring a bit better. In its current form, i'll be able to talk about Greek mythology and the philosophies of Death and Madness within the Phaedo/Phaedrus concept and through this was born my use of newly created Villains to Lydia's Anti-hero. The two villains in question are the twin Gods Hy-hy and Thana and will be causing most of the death and destruction through out the novella. These two are the children of the gods of night and Dark, and are themselves the god and godess of Death and Sleep.

Hy-hy is the God of sleep. She takes the form of a young blonde haired Harajuku girl and will be crazy through lack of sleep. This she does vicariously through her followers or cult members who are waning due to issues that will be revealed later. Thana is her brother and is the god of death. Thana also lives vicariously through his own cult members and followers who are always dissapearing as..they die. His power is always fleeting as his cult is always shrinking.

They both believe that Lydia's cult is taking power away from their own, so they decide to kill her. Lydia takes flight as she is not powerful enough to take on two Gods at a time. She decides that the more cult members she can gain, the more powerful she will become. She seeks out her long lost son whom she fathered with a human woman, just like her own father Zeus did with her mother. Lydia is of course the walking latterday representation of Dyonisus. Craziness and death ensue. I've yet to come up with the finale but it's coming.

2. The UVU Review. I'm really enjoying working on the newspaer. I've a lot to learn about copy editing which is my job there but I think I'm getting better. I need to be able to work better with the other copy editors. While one of them is great and helps me figure things out a lot I feel the other is no help at all in getting things done in time for deadlines. This stresses me out because this automatically means I have to be even more vigilant abot mistakes getting through as I've had to go and redo the stories that that individual has already copy-edited. MAH MAHHHH! Anyway I love the people on the paper, and the E-I-C has been really helpful in letting me know exactly what I need to do and the ways in which she wants things done, which may sound annoying but as the middle man said, Specificity is the soul of all good communication.
Also as an aside, the articles that I have been writing for the review as Lydia Colt, have caused me no end of laughter. I'm in stitches with every themed issue of The V. Check her out at

3. Virgin Cocktail. This story was inspired by the 35 Albino slayings this year in Tanzania and Certain parts of Africa. All these bodyparts are being used for Black magic and voodoo as goodluck charms and other witch carft. I was thinking about how I could bring that to a fresher more local location and write about a voodoo Priestess who lives just down the road and how she would do business in a small bubbled LDS culture location. The results are bloodier, sicker and more twisted than I've been able to dream up in a long time. My main goal is for unsettling, the other goal is for a cool circular type of story that has a nice set of twists and an ending that goes against the grain and ends badly for the innocent. All this on top of The review, Film theory class in which I still have to watch the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and the slight annoyance of editing class and i'm kept nicely busy.

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