Sunday, April 11, 2010

That Boyish Smile

Okay two things that actually fall under that title, Riley and my short story that is becoming a novella.

First things first heres a couple of the most recent pictures of Riley.
He's growing up so fast. Rah I said it. Such a parent thing to say but hey Steven Fry said something about cliche's, for the most part, always being true. Anyway I love these photos of my wonderful son.

By the way for anyone interested I'm starting a new non fiction project to help me come to terms about my life, and ala Dawn French in Dear Fatty will be using the letter format to write a continuing series of letters to my son. It will have guest posts from some special people, and will hopefully be eye-opening engaging and insightful at the same time.  So "Dear Riley..." has been started and will run indefinitely.

So, "That Boyish Smile" has become something bigger and quite
exciting for me. I never knew that the story I created over 15 years ago would finally find its place.

 For those of you who read the short story in the Touchstones book or elsewhere, the other characters who become Raz McKenzie's prey are really coming into their own. I'll add images to this blog later.
These are just two of my current projects right now.

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