Thursday, March 18, 2010


So it’s been a while. Like last year even. That is really bad. It’s like all my creativity shut down for a while and it took my internship and these wonderful Intern Enlightenment sessions to get me back into my groove. Thank’s Dan Hogan for the 7 chapter
      Capstone  2 looms ahead and there is a concern that all my work for the class will not be enough by the time I take it. We’ll see. It will be with a different instructor too but that’s Scott, so I do not mind one bit. My proposal is coming on nicely and at this point, 2 stories are completed with two more set to be completed shortly.

Brief Update.
That Boyish Smile is finished and all I need is images to play around with. Melissa, one of my fellow interns is off to Vegas tonight and is graciously going to the Excalibur hotel for me to get these images. Melissa you are FAB. 
Darcy and Glass is completed thanks to the equally FAB Andy Bean.
Victuals has been started by the somewhat inimitable Jess Smiley. I love the sketches I’ve seen and am Flippin’ excited.
Puppies has been taken on by Andy Bean who originally did an oil-painted study on the concept of the story. It will be interesting to see what happens with this story now. There was talk of a touch and feel aspect to the story which I’m not sure of how we’ll do it and recreate it(if it comes to that) but I’m totally sold on.
What’ll I Do is the final story and the one that is the least developed…as in at all. I know it will combine elements of Japanese horror films, Irving Berlin, ASL and Film Noir but that’s as much as I have.
The Story that ties them altogether, “Grennian,” is being written as we speak.

Also, other creative ventures have been slowly creeping back. Lydia has really been on the fringe recently. Every time I see something that I don’t agree with but don’t have the backbone or the desire to make a deal about, Lydia goes off on one inside my head. After a couple of months drunk and amnesiac in South America, Lydia is back and has been working on her own projects. Some of the topics include, cocktails, Buses, not being understood at Café Rio, Earthquakes and that feeling you get when you know everyone in the room has slept with your boyfriend.

I don’t know where she gets it from sometimes, honestly.

So the New Era…6 weeks left. Really? Has it been that long already? January wasn’t that long ago…was it? Gosh. I’ve gotta get a job. What am I gonna do? How am I gonna provide for Amy and Riley? There is nothing on the horizon in sight and any searches I do on Monster come up with jobs unrelated to my happiness. 
Lots of articles coming out in the magazine though, so look out for my name, and more posts here.

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