Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Walk the Walk

I have been inspired by my older sister to exercise more and actually do something good for others. I'm not quite sure what that will be yet, but it is on my mind. The last few months I have lived in a blissfully selfish cloud doing only what I wanted to do and only focussing on family, my internship and immediate concerns (perhaps it's been longer than a few months.). Anyway Jodi is set to do the Playtex Moonwalk in London on May 15.

You can check out more about this at the link below.


On other news, my Internship ends this Friday. This makes me sad as I have greatly enjoyed it. I have several articles I need to finish and some other tid-bits to complete. Everything has gone extremely fast and I still have no idea what will happen to my family and I come August.

Before then I have a trip to DisneyLand, Capstone II class to take and my Capstone II project to complete. Fear, excitement and trepidation in equal parts. Rah Bang Bang

Well here are some of the photos from our intern photo shoot.

                                        All the Interns in my office.

                                   At the pool of reflection.

                            Us and the building in which we work.

                                           And Again Bang

                     Heather, Lauren, Marianne, Melissa, Lindsay and I.

                  And Again.



Naomi Miles said...

I do love that last photo! You look like an animal pouncing on something!

MJ said...

Ok, I just barely read everything about you leaving the old job and getting an internship. Congrats :) Sounds like too much drama, I am glad you left. Also, I work right down the street from you at the Triad Center! crazy how the world works sometimes :)

Loz said...

Naomi, we made a small video of all the jumping photos and added music, it's hilarious.

yeah, the Triad center is close. We should have done lunch and now it's my last day. Rah!

And yeah, Drama. Just one part of my lifes drama at that point.