Saturday, May 8, 2010

Second Coming

Okay for you comics fans this doesn't actually sound so biblical. It's the title of Marvel's current big summer crossover.This image isn't actually from this saga but the one following it but it still fills me with excitement. This Crossover has been amazing so far.
X Men, Second Coming

So, when I started this post before I went on me hol's to Disney Land with the family and in that time something tragic happened in the second coming storyline. While trying to get the supposed mutant messiah "Hope" back to Utopia in the San Francisco Bay, Rogue and Nightcrawler are intercepted by Bastion. 

Both Rogue and Nightcrawler put up a fight but Nightcrawler is tired from teleporting them across the country and is weak. Rogue battles Bastion but even with the collective powers of Wolverine, Colossus, Angel and Psylocke, she is still defeated. Then in a last ditch attempt at saving Hope, Nightcrawler tries to teleport her away but Bastion again intercepts the teleport and Nightcrawler reappears with Bastions arm through his chest.  Nightcrawler then says, "Lord, in this time of need, strengthen me. and teleports the last long distance and appears on Utopia's shores. 

Now I know death in comics is quite a fluid thing but for some reason this death seems more permanent. Now I felt the same way when Vargas killed Psylocke and she returned, but still this feels different. This whole storyline has upped the ante and the X-Men really seem like their backs are against the wall. With approximately only 198 mutant on earth, this crossover has already seen two deaths (although Ariel you were not even on my radar and unfortunately I cannot be expected to care if you got 'blowed up' with Wolverine and X-23. Sorry). 

So with Nightcrawler gone I had the chance to reflect on his past adventures and I have to say I preferred the Nightcrawler from the Excalibur days so heres one of my favourite pics of him.

Nightcrawler, I'll miss you. You have always been the heart, soul and spirit of the X-Men. Nightcrawler, because of you I have swashbuckling dreams and always wanted blue fur, a tail and be able to wield a rapier with flare. 
Hoo Mah Moos? X-Men authors as always you are my muses.

p.s. these images don't belong to me and are property of Alan Davis and Marvel comics. Mah mah.


Naomi Miles said...

My memories of a typical Saturday with you involved watching X-Men in the morning, then going in to town to peruse and purchase comics, then returning for more X-Men followed by Mario Brothers.... what a life we led!

Loz said...

Yeah, X-Men continue to be an obsession. But yeah we had some fun times.