Sunday, June 6, 2010

5K's an stuff.

So lots of things have happened this last few weeks, none of which involved my actually finding a job which is a bit disconcerting but I'm actively looking so what do you do?

Anyway, the family ran the Springville 5K as we do every year and I found that i am even less out of shape than I was last year, and last year I had a full blown sinus infection. I ran and ran and didn't stop running and finished with a time of 33 minutes. Yay me. Later in the day I was seriously ill and not feeling good at all. It seems I pushed myself too much.

I'm feeling better now and have sworn that i will get into shape as soon as it is physically possible.  So here I am publishing my goodwill on exercise and the getting fit of me. Rah.

My writing group started back up, and on Thursday I managed to get some really great feedback on a horror story I wrote called "Virgin Cocktail" which may not be the title for long. I love writing group. I'm so inspired by everything I got to read of theirs also.

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