Monday, August 2, 2010

Life on the go..

A lot of things have happened over the past few weeks. I've been finishing my capstone project which happily, the end is near. Not that I haven't enjoyed it, but it combined with everything else has kept me more than busy. I'm looking out for that light at the end of the tunnel and if I hadn't missed the Graduation deadline, I'd be graduating with a BA in Integrated Studies, Analytic Communication/English Creative Writing this month. Oh Well nothing to be done about it now.  

Last week I had the photo shoot for one of my last stories "What'll I Do?" This is the penultimate story in my Graphic anthology. I was really stressed about getting a photographer I could actually work with and models who would be good sports and let us slash their necks. I found both, and others who were willing to help out where needed. I am so grateful to everyone because if the first couple of proofs I've seen are anything to go by, the project is going to look awesome.

My last story "Puppies" hit a snag when I lost the illustrator for it. So i have now re-taken over the reigns of this project. Little Orchid will find her prey. 

Job hunting is a bust. I just can't find anything suitable. I either am not interested, don't have the right qualifications or the hours are just crappy. I'm hoping and praying something comes along that will be a good fit. 

Also this weekend we were planning to refit our bedroom closet. The thought behind this was to consolidate space. Right now Amy has the bedroom closet to herself and I share Riley's bedroom closet with him which we refitted a while ago. This should be an interesting transition, especially Amy who is having to share a bit less than half of her closet with me. 
To coincide with the DIY nightmare ( and the prospect of me with a hammer and drill) some crazy woman crashed into our parked car. Pretty much wrote off the car and our storage shed. No one was hurt apart from her insurance, but now we have to clear out the storage before the building falls down. The roof looks like it might come down.  Anyway during all the cleaning sorting and moving last night the sun was starting to set and everything was this murky gold colour and th sky was just awesome. I stopped to take a couple of seconds before Amy had me cleaning Rileys new Big Boy Bed. Here are the photos and the corrected ones. 

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Lisa said...

last night was amazing! I was outside at my mother in-law's home in Orem, and the Thunder, rain, twilight golden tones, and clouds and rainbow all were so beautiful! Nice pictures btw.