Tuesday, February 8, 2011

X-Men: First Class, I hope ya not too cool fa school.

To say I am an obsessive compulsive X-Men fan is not wrong and my the obsession continues today. I love the comics, the cartoons and all three movies. Before I go on I just need to quiet the naysayers on the quality and form of Last Stand. Yes correct, it was not the best movie, of the three, or of any other superhero movies, but I saw it (like the other movies) as a live action what-if? X-Men movie. I wasn't looking for exactness or what was in the comics (I get my comics for that), I just wanted to see some live action X-Men coolness. And that is what we got. Beast was awesome, Shadowcat was delightfully splendid and Iceman finally rocked his ice form and gave Pyro a good thrashing. These three things made Last Stand worth it. I also loved the whole "last stand" act of the movie.

Interesting aside: the first night after finishing my two-year LDS mission I watched the first X-Men movie and then sat up till almost 4 a.m. devouring the comics my mum had collected while I'd been gone.

So it is with great excitement and trepidation that I await X-Men: First Class. As much as I loved the other movies there were minor annoyances. For example, I prefer my Psylocke a little more Butterfly/Ninja/Telepath than the pitiful "shadow" (heh heh geddit?) she was in the movie. But, I digress I'm not here to talk about the other movies.

So far I am excited to see First Class.Here's some things I'm excited about.

1. Michael Fassbender. I liked him back in his Hex days, but after seeing his final scene in that "Notourious" Tarantino movie, how can you not think he's a fantastic actor?

2. Emma Frost. Yes, I thought her sadly minor spot in Wolverine was cool and I liked the SFX, but it was too little. First Class looks to be offering Emma Frost in all her glory; both powers in-tact darling.

3. No Wolverine. Yes I was entertained by his own movie, however he has never been a favourite character of mine and (forgive me for saying...or not, don't care) Wolverine is only as interesting as whoever he might be partnered/teamed-up with at any given time.  Examples: Psylocke/Wolverine=great.  Jubilee/Wolverine= entertaining. Rogue, Shadowcat, Armor/Wolverine=so engaging. Nightcrawler/Wolverine=fantastic. Pixie/Wolverine=oh dear. Anyone else/Wolverine=bored now.  Like Gambit, he's a fan favourite holding no interest with this big X-Men fan. I actually want to see an Emma Frost/Wolverine team-up.

4. Kevin Bacon as Shaw and Rose Byrne as Moira. Can't wait.

5. An awesome looking young cast of seemingly random X-Men from all era's of the title. This fascinates me to no end.

So, yeah I am excited for this movie, but then there are some things that are putting me off.

1. All this talk from the producers of not having finished the film. It seems a lot of talk and hypeing, but I'm worried about what they are doing to make this movie a hit.


Not keen on Nightcrawler's father randomly appearing. Also, not keen on Mystique stealing scenes. Yes she was awesome in the movies but she had her time, move over. Although now it just occurred to me of the reason why Azazel would be here.

3. Beast/Nicholas Hoult. Sorry not a fan of the actor and not sure what that make-up shot is all about and not sure he can top the Last Stand Beast.

So, in the end, there is no chance I will miss this film, but i do have my reservations. Here's to X-Men: First Class not disappointing me.

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Naomi Miles said...

I can totally imagine you catching up on all those comics when you got back!

Kirsten said...

I had no idea about this till andy watched a trailer for it last night. Looks great. hope you are all doing well.

Loz said...

Naomi: it was so fantastic in that it was the first night that I didnt have to be in bed by a prescribed time and i spent it doing something I love.

Kirsten: Yeah I quite like the trailer but the thoughts above still apply. We're doing well. Riley and I had a bit of a cold but we both seem to be getting over it.