Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tarkio Balloon and what was lost.

A friend in my Integrated Studies program recently made this movie. (I hope he doesn't mind my stealing this pic from his page for the purpose of this post.) I won't tell you what it is about, you should just go and see what it is about on Torben's own site, which is right here: The story behind Tarkio Balloon

However, since seeing it my mind has been racing with several things that I haven't been able to shake. (When this happens you know that you have witnessed something truly great because otherwise it would have been lost between a hundred other mundane, normal life things. At the end of the post there is a paragraph about this movie being the first in "The Lost and Found Series."  I was consumed with a couple of different phrases.

"Each story spoke to us, in one way or another, and we tried to listen."  

"Explore the theme of losing and finding through five remarkably diverse subjects."

 "Let me know ways that you are finding what has been lost in your own lives. Here’s to your personal quests." (Bernhard)

This is what has consumed me. What was that something I lost? I can think of several things, but the obsessive, often morose and difficult one inside me keeps thinking, "Sometimes you can't find something again, no matter how hard you try. When it's gone it's gone and there is only so much searching that can occur before you realize how futile your efforts are." Is this true?

This has in turn led me to another sentence that has been rolling around in my head. "How many horrors can I create before I have to face my own?" I'm not sure in what context I mean this yet hence the depth of my thoughts and the inner battles going on inside me. I do know that I want to prove the morose one wrong so here's to finding what has been lost in my life and seeing where that leads me.

Hoo Mah Moos today? Tarkio Balloon.


Thai said...

good selection. very well made. i enjoyed the small imperfections and its reflect on life.

Loz said...

Thanks for the comment. Here's to overcoming imperfections big and small.