Monday, August 22, 2011

I think I got Zombies on my brain

So my Dreams have been weird lately. One of them was a portent of things to come, and the other, equally as fantastic, less likely to happen.

So I'm in this comedy club and I'm about to perform for the kings of comedy. They rule comedy nationally don't you know?I start off outside and I'm doing Marvin Summers voice. Will he be showing up tonight? Who knows. Anyway, When I get in they say I need a comedy partner. And this is what I've been saying for a while now. What should I do. It is then they show me into the green room and there is Emma Stone who agrees to be my comedy partner just like that. It's an awesome day and I tell her we are going to be the next big thing.

We go out in front of the kings of comedy and I have only seen two of them before. One of them was that weird hermaphrodite guy from The Gentleman Broncos, and the other is John Goodman who's got long grey hair and weird mingy teeth. Anyway hermaphrodite guy (I think it's Hector Jimenez) says we are going to hit it big time after we do this hilarious improvised sketch about a couple paying themselves alimony. Then we are taken around the corner where John Goodman is sitting and he pronounces our efforts a success imitating an old, fat, Marlon Brando.

That was when I woke up with the most exhilarated feeling and couldn't get the dream out of my head.

The other dream I had was holding fort in an abandoned house surrounded by Zombies with only these two vicious knives. I was one of 6 people in the sitting room as all the windows burst in and I had to defend myself.

Yeah I know I know, Emma Stone may never be my comedy partner but I've got the Zombie Apocalypse to look forward to eh?

I need to just hurry and finish reading World War Z.

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