Monday, August 15, 2011

Hello Again...

(ready for a first line that I've used multiple times before?) "I can't believe I haven't written anything for my blog for over a month."

 That's really sad. So here are some updates for you.
April got really busy. I gave presentations at UVU, graduated and walked with the Integrated Studies Banner. Xanthe came to visit (A wonderful visit that ended too soon) and I distributed all the copies I had of Alterran Tales.  On top of all that I was contacted by a company named CareerStep to submit some writing samples. I submitted thinking I had nothing to lose being at Nuskin and then I had a couple of interviews and now here I am a couple of months later working as a curriculum writer for Careerstep. WOW that was a lot to happen in April along with other family things happening. So much.
It's shameful how we match sometimes. This was the worst case.
May, June, and July seemed to blend together and I'm still loving my job and glad I made the switch and I can't believe it is August. Summer is almost over.

I've been refocusing on a lot of different things. It seems I go in cycles of what I am interested in doing. I recently dropped everything to work on The Hive, my superhero Horror set in Utah. It's been fun and I have to hold my resolve because Luke, Loretta and Gretchen have been telling me off for ignoring them. I'm not sure if they are going to win this round over poor Reid Filiposen.  Rictus has been calling me.

Anyway I have also been asked to write a cool little origin story for a character over at Close Call Comics That has been a really exciting process, collaborating with the creator on details and information and I'm coming up with some cool ideas that I can't wait to fully realise. Anyway Talk to you later and hopefully my presence here will be a bit more frequent.

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