Friday, March 13, 2009

I Like Steak

found this on Red Blog of all places but i find myself totally agreeing with it. Mentioned it in class and thought i would post it here for your pleasure. Well the link anyway.

I cut this a bit short and you can check out the whole article on my facebook note but heres the last paragraph.

But there are new-school horror films that are simply well-made (like The Strangers) or imperfect but trying something new (like The Ruins) or that turn familiar genres on their heads (there's a film that may, someday, be released called All the Boys Love Mandy Lane I saw at a midnight screening in Toronto two years ago; it's the best re-invention of the slasher flick since scream, and I really wish whoever owns it would get it released already ....) And much as foreign directors who loved the American gangster films of the '40s turned that tired genre back around in the '50s and '60s (and then America's new directors learned from those films) there are some amazing foreign horror films, or foreign directors, in the field -- movies like Micahel Haneke's Funny Games, or Inside, a French film that may have scared me more than anything I've seen in the past five years. So no more junk food horror for me -- weak remakes and sloppy slasher films, flabby star vehicles or retread concepts. Jason Voorhees may have taken a lot of lives on-screen tonight, but he also reminded me of what matters in mine: when it comes to horror -- and steak -- only the best is good enough.

"As i mentioned in class, I'm a total TV junkie and totally perceptible to media. I want good steak I want a medium rare steak, i want it medium well done but with a hint of the blood from some animals shank, ribs or ass, i wanna taste the blood i wanna feel man enough to eat it all, all 23 lbs, i want it like my horror Definitely want GOOD horror I want it well done with just enough blood from some victims shank ribs or ass, I want it all.I want to read it as well, i want all the books in the world in my bedroom especially Clive barker , i want him to write me a book and i wanna go through it afterward and cross out all the bits i like and put my name on em, i want to have Stephen kings intellectual property in a huge box on my bedside table with a big ole Loz cook Copyright stamped on the side that I'll sleep on and wake up with the ink on my forehead, I think you hear me knocking and I'm comin in, in fact I'm already in , I'm in your closet with a machete, your babysitters head and a notebook full of cliches."

This was inspired by Denis Leary's media spots on Mtv, back when that was all i watched., when There was Sarah Cox and Ray Cokes (English Mtv was very different than USA Mtv) and more than just the rash of horrible reality scabs.

For your viewing pleasure here is Denis.

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