Monday, March 9, 2009

New face of...

I know this is late but We had family tradgedies and stuff to take care of over the weekend. One of the things i have been thinking about a lot from class was race and then the power of big corporations.

Last week in the show "Lie To Me," (sorry to bring up another TV show example) a couple of the characters were talking about a murder suspect in a multi-racial work environment. One of them mentioned the new face of Racism. He said that Overt prejudice had been replaced by unconcious discrimination. Another comments that when Unconcious Racism builds up it can become lethal.

This got me thinking about the video we saw in class and how i soooo want a return of those seemingly all powerful and courageous Muckrakers Like Ida Tarbell and her peers.
I also got thinking about what the new face of publicity and advertising was. Since advertising has only been around since there has been products to sell, where is the line drawn. Does ANYONE have the right to sell and advertise ANYTHING no matter what dangers may be present.

It reminded me of the recalls of certain toys, products and foods, that were a danger to human beings. I guess the big powerful corporations are above that. Some of them should be taken down a peg. How? I don't know.

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*StEpHaNiE* said...

yeah it is so crazy how big of an influence TV shows can have on us. Advertising is still skyrocketing and it will always be changing. In the movie we watched in class today they were talking about how there is so much advertising companies out there, that us as consumers start blocking out what we hear. ADvertising is everywhere, and we live off of the media, its kinda sad in my opinion.