Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Title Piece

I'm in the process of trying to personalize this blog a bit more by adding artwork and other elements. I've been reading up on blogs and what makes them successful and gets hits even, but this is all a work in progress.

So I'll be updating the image as I tweak it and transform it into its final state. The one currently in the title space is the skeleton of the piece with Ink pen added over the top.

Just to give people out there a heads up to what the title actually means; it's just me saying the words "Who is my muse?" in a stupid voice. And to answer that question, on the whole I prescribe to the three muses Melpomene, Euterpe and Thalia the muses of Tragedy, lyric+song, and Comedy Respectively, but other things become muses for me at different points, states, and stages of my life.

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