Monday, September 28, 2009

From the LSAT

This piece is being written in my notebook while proctoring and supervising the LSAT with the intention ofit being copied and transferred to Hoo Mah Moos. I don't know what it is about 20 future (possibly) Lawyers that sucks the creativity out of you. Anyway heres a few different things that I've had on my mind recently.

The last few weeks have kept me busy. Work, School, classes, reading for classes, copy editing, writing, writing for the paper, reading, reading scriptures, meetings to formulate our panel discussions, applying for an internship (which is more stressful for me than I ever think it will be, every time I do it.), Touchstones reading night, trying to be home for Amy and Riley, preparing lessons for church, and other things. It's been a lot to do and thats not even including all the busy work my brain gets up to, thinking about work, school, and my future.

I think I need a breather. I need to distance myself from un-essential computor work (ahem) and not take everything so seriously. This doesn't mean a disavowal of those things that should be taken seriously, but I think that this might calm down the almost constant twitching of my left eye.

Last night I saw the documentary "The Sonosopher, Alex Caldiero," made by a friend, Torben Bernhard. I was so inspired by the documentary, I want to be a sonosopher. I've taken a class from Alex and I enjoyed it thoroughly, but the class was so in-your-face and interesting inspiring, and compelling. Out of all the classes I've taken at UVU, (not including my upper division English classes) This was the one class I can't imagine not having taken, and is also the one I would take again given the chance. I think I aspire to be as blatantly and creatively honest as Alex Caldiero.

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