Monday, October 19, 2009

Mah Mooses and UVU don't want to play nice together.

So it's been a while since I did anything on here. I'm still feeling that flicker in my left eye that is driving me mental. Maybe I just have to come to terms that it's been seven years since I had my eyes tested and that perhaps I don't have 20/20 vision anymore. Rah. Or it could just mean that my constantly viewing a computor screen watching the test takers and idiots yawning, stretching and testing at work,copy-editing, editing and all the homework and reading I have to do for school are all just building up a small bubble of pressure that will pop sometimes soon. Add to this the stress of building a portfolio for a deadline that fell on today, and I was in need of a break by the third week of school.

Anyway We spent the last three days in Midway. Midway from Orem to Park City and just about the most perfect place (except for home with family) I could have been. Well Jill, Dustin and Ella came with us and we played games every night and finally played the Mr. and Mrs Game Jodi Bought us for Christmas. And it was Fun with a Capital. I felt relaxed for a bit, which was good as it prepared me for this week which is going to be hectic to say the least.

This week will include the following.

Nightmare Mansion. I've been waiting for this for ages. Can't wait to be freaked out. Lydia told me she's writing about a haunted house she took her dad to when she was 14 over in London. Sounds like it could be really funny.

A friend is making us dinner this week with some professional stuff he uses for work. It's kind of like a tuppaware thing but without the pressure to buy.

Copy editing the UVU Review will be hectic this week with two issues going out within a couple of days. Well Hectic. I gotta e-mail Kyle to see if he can come in extra time.

Journalism workshops that the UVU Review is paying for me to go to. This should be really interesting and I should get dinner and a continental breakfast out of it too. Yayyy. Hurrah for UVU Review. I really appreciate it.
Also, I think I want to carve our pumpkin this week sometime, but the timing is going to be difficult. This might happen on Saturday.

So I saw this thing on someone elses Blog and thought it would be interesting to figure it out. I actually did it more than a month ago and am only just getting round to putting it up. Check out the next post for my life according to Nerina Pallot.

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