Monday, December 14, 2009

Just Some things I'm grateful for this season.

            Gosh, I feel I haven't been here in so long and actually it has been a while. So much for my promise of a weekly post. Rah. So lots of things happened since that last post where I said I was going to a haunted house. We went to said haunted house and it was awesome. So awesome, I wanted to go again but money did not permit. I guess I'll have to savor the memory of Amy being chased from the building by full-on Leatherface actor who slashed the concrete with his chain saw and prodded Amy with it. Maybe next year I'll go audition to be an actor there.

            So I quit my job. Yeah, and I do remember that lesson my dad taught me about never quitting a job until you have another one lined up, but it was just getting stupid at work. To cut a long story short, I was verbally attacked and singled out by a boss for doing something that all three of my co-workers do also, but did they get a lashing. Not at all. To make this story even more bittersweet, I found out that ALL the front desk staff were abusing the internet rules I had been keeping and I hear they still haven't changed the rules or enforced them more.
The time was right for me to leave. We were having babysitter issues and it worked for me to watch Riley and Amy get more work with her better pay.  That actually turned into a rant I wasn't actually going to make.
            Anyway Finals are here and I'm getting everything done, but thought I'd do a little list of the things I am thankful for.

1. Amy and Riley.

What would I do without them both? I constantly enjoy their company and love them more than anyone or thing else.

2. To counteract the Rant above. I am actually thankful for the Testing Centre. That job was a blessing and answered so many prayers. And plus the people there are great, if not indulgers of personal oddities and quirks but since when am I any different.

3. Glee. I love this show. It makes me smile every time I watch it.  Heres a clip of the sectionals episode that blew me away.

4. The New Era.

I got an internship with LDS magazines. I'll be an editorial Intern and will be able to write, edit and organize things under the mentorship of the editors. Another blessing and it took almost three months to apply and get it. All the stress was worth it and it is the place that I need to be. It starts Jan. 4 and I am so excited for it. On top of it all it's paid.

5. The super Happy Fun Book.

This yearly art project returns with Jill McQuay as its victim...ahem, star. Last year was a sombre year. Due to the madness in my life it was never finished and Carrie was the subject. It hurts to no end that I never finished the book and that she will never receive it. Sorry Carrie.
I think i'm going to give Carries finished Super Happy Fun Book to Diane as a present.

6. The UVU Review and Lydia Colt.

It seems thee UVU Review was put in my path to keep me sane this semester. Everyone on the paper is wonderful. I feel such a friendship and kinship with so many people there. Thanks must also go out to them for letting me indulge in Lydia Colt. Every week I have spent hours laughing and chuckling to myself every time I think of another subject or situation for Lydia to talk about. Laughter is the best medicine and Lydia is its wacky God.

 Anyway thats all for now. Laters all.


Naomi Miles said...

Poor Amy being chased for your Halloween fun! Congratulations on the new job x

Loz said...

The whole thing was so funny. She got chased several times, leaving me behind in the dark with other crazies I might add, so if you run off on your own, horror law says you get to be a victim.